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Album Review: The People The Poet – Paradise Closed

The People The Poet – Paradise Closed

Release date: April 1st 2016

Members: Leon Stanford – Vocals, Tyla Campbell – Guitar, Pete Mills – Bass, Lewis Rowsell – Drums

The Pontypridd rock outfit made lots of new friends at SXSW in Austin, Texas – so much so that the have been invited back again this year. In addition, they will shortly be releasing a new 6 track EP ‘ Paradise Closed’ – a follow up to their critically-acclaimed debut album The Narrator (2013).

‘Happy Being Miserable’ – an upbeat song that is the opening track for a more carefully produced and accomplished collection of songs than the band have previously released . This track is a witty,  heavily laden sarcastic track that is both fun and catchy

‘Club 27’ follows and is by contrast a blues based track and the forthcoming single to be released on 15th March. With a sound that could be likened to Bruce Springstein’ this is a strong anthem track that deserves to receive due acclaim being a stand out song that pays tribute to some of the music world’s young losses; this will definitely engage audiences and have them singing along

‘Matchday’ – this previous released single which has received an encouraging amount of airplay as well as having been used for Welsh Rugby Union coverage – reminiscent of the Killer’s Sam’s Town, with Leon Stanford duetting with occasional support singer Greta Isaac.

‘Same Heart’ – reminiscent of Kings of Leon – an undulating and rolling track with strong drum tempo, lyrically very clever and thought provoking, supported by haunting and delicate guitar riffs.

‘Needle In A Haystack’ – a track that would slip easily into a Coldplay album, another catchy track with changing tempos, it is quite simply instrumentally brilliant.

‘When The Fire Goes Out’ a memorable track with strong acoustics and leading piano. The soft tempo of this track, with delicate guitars, builds to showcase a depth to Leon’s voice that is a match for Chris Martin or Bono.

This EP is superb and showcases a variety and depth to their music and songwriting that few bands around at the moment have, and without doubt the best they have written so far. This band have produced an EP of quality that deserves serious recognition; this band have a strong future.


Written By: Lindsy Stott


Music News: The Blackout are splitting up

theblackoutcd2014900_635_635_s_c1Today yet another fantastic Welsh band announced they are calling it a day, this time it is The Blackout who broke the news, in a statement posted on the bands facebook. . They will be going their separate ways after one final tour in March.

Their statement  as well as the limited tour dates can be read below:


Hey Guys, There’s no point in dancing around the subject, so we’ll cut right to the chase. We regret to announce that Wolves will be the final release by The Blackout. Unfortunately we have come to the conclusion we are unable to sustain this band anymore, and we feel the time is right to bring it to a close. This is the hardest decision we have ever had to make as a band, and although we do it with heavy hearts, we also do with our heads held high. We are all extremely proud of Wolves, and are eternallygrateful to each and every one of you who helped it get made. We said that it would not exist without your support, and we honestly mean that.We achieved more than we ever dreamed of when we started this band, and we take with us memories, relationships and friends that will last the rest of our lives. We have always said that we’d be nothing without the people who came to the shows, who stood out in the rain, who camped out overnight and we want to thank you, all of you, for making the last ten years so special for us. Whether you came to one show or one hundred, your passion and support has been humbling and life changing.
We play our farewell shows in March 2015, these will be the last shows we will play as a band. Unfortunately, these shows will only be in the UK. There are no plans for anything more for The Blackout, so we hope you would like to come and party with us for the final time.
Once again, thank you for helping us live out our dreams.

Love, The Blackout”






Interview: The People The Poet – Brighton, Concorde 2 – 17th April 2014

The People The Poet-52We had a chat to Leon and Tyla from The People The Poet at the Brighton date of their UK tour supporting Deaf Havana.

Check out the interview below!


L: I’m Leon, I sing
T: My name is Tyla and I play guitar and do rubbish backing vocals

TNT: so you guys changed your name a couple of years ago, what prompted that and can you explain the reasons behind it?

L: We used to be a band called ‘Tiger Please’ and then we started writing an album based on our fans life stories and after like 2 or 3 years writing the album we didn’t really feel the band name ‘Tiger Please’ didn’t justify everything which we wanted to do, i think what we’ve done with the fans stories has become very serious so it didn’t feel like the right name to represent it, so The People The Poet was a nice insight to what we are and a nice tribute to the fans

TNT: as you just mentioned your album is based on fans experiences what was the inspiration behind that as it’s not something that’s really been done before?

T: How did we come across it?

L: I Think it was we’d just written an EP called ‘Seasons’ under Tiger Please and it was like a year of my life kinda thing and then it was kinda like I was 20 or 21 and it was kind of like what am I supposed to write about? I haven’t been through anything else and it was kinda like 90% of the songs I felt I was listening to were about love and I’d just written about heartbreak and love and it was kinda like I don’t want to write about this anymore so how can we come up with a way where we can write about stuff which is meaningful and so people can relate to something? I think it just came to me one day, yeah it just seemed such a simple idea but its way more than we ever expected.

TNT: hows the reaction been from the fans the songs are based on?

L: Amazing! yeah just

T: We were quite worried at first, obviously it was a lot of pressure on us but everyone, well I think everyone that the songs are about have all said its really cool and they’re really proud of it and stuff

L: It’s not even just like the people you write the songs about when you’re going we’re still a small, a very small band but the fans that we do have they’re all of a sudden we’re not just a band we’re someone who they’re gonna go and tell their life story at the table whilst you’re selling merch and they’re kind of, all of a sudden want to off load their whole entire life story on you, so yeah we didn’t expect anything.

T: We got a lot more response than we thought we would as well.

L: I think it was at first, like it was just an idea where it was like ‘That’s a good idea’ to just not have to really think about what I’ve gotta write about and go searching for inspiration, it’s a simple idea, no ones really don’t it before, awesome. It’s so hard, so hard.

TNT: Is there a particular song on the album that stands out for you guys?

T: We all have our personal favourites don’t we. I like um, I’ve actually forgotten the name of the song, the one with Francis Dunnery on

L: Nobody Else Like You

T: Oh Nobody Else Like You, just because, I can’t believe that, just because he’s one of my favourite singers and we just emailed him and asked him if he wanted to sing on it and he happily said yes. I think that’s my favourite, personally, whats your favourite Leon?

L: That’s really tough! I think my favourite is probably Pink Ribbon because it’s about a woman called Sam and of all the stories I’ve stayed in touch with all of them and we always see them at shows, on this tour we’ve seen probably like five of them, and with Sam her story was, like she originally sent in a story to me about 4 years ago and I couldn’t write about that particular story and then a year later she sent me a message saying do you mind if I send in another story and I don’t think I ever expected the story she was going to send in. She sent in this story saying ‘Ive been diagnosed with cancer’ and from that February she got diagnosed, which was like three years ago, I’ve stayed in contact with her like nearly every, at least every other week,  and sometimes it’s every week, just like a few days a week so its gone from being a fan to being a friend which I’m checking is ok kinda thing, yeah she got, she was given the all clear like 2 years ago and then it come back what a year and a half ago so its kind of a journey so she had that was given the all clear then heard the song and was like ‘yeah this is amazing, I’ve got this song to remember the fight’ and then she was obviously it spread and then this next time round she said she actually listened to the song whilst she was, well, whilst she goes through Chemo and whilst she was shaving her head and yeah so, its intense stuff kind of thing, but yeah because i’ve got really close with her it’s probably the biggest song and one of the songs we don’t play live

T: Yeah we don’t play it live

TNT: So now you’ve got ‘The Narrator’ under wraps, whats coming up in the future ?

T: Well, we’ve got a couple of festivals lined up, move on from here and concentrate on just touring and getting a name out there at the moment, we’re still writing the second album, hopefully it wont take as long to write this album, we’ve already done about half of it so

L: It’s nice to kind of write like other bands do, coz we’ve been writing in such a different way that its like to have almost no pressure in a way, because it’s a completely different process writing, so at the moment we’re just enjoying writing the songs.

T: and not worrying about having the torture of it

L: Not having the pressure that you have like yeah.

TNT: Whats been your favourite venue or city to play so far?

L: Brighton of course!

T: Yeah haha, I just had my grubbs burger from down the road, chilli and peanut butter, was good.  You know the best one on this tour besides Brighton, I don’t know, I’ve really enjoyed Newcastle Academy, it’s so big, and last time we played it we played the smaller academy and had a game of football in the actual arena so it was kind of cool to play the actual arena but for reaction it would be between Oxford and Wolverhampton, it’s all good, not going to complain

L: yeah the entire tour has been brilliant, its yeah brilliant!

TNT: Whats your favourite song to play live?

T: Heart of a Lion! just because I have a guitar solo now

L: Yeah selfishly it’s probably the only song on the entire album which is by myself, yeah I like playing Heart of a Lion, its kind of nice to just kinda be like ‘This is about me, you listen ok’ haha

T: It’s quite a dancey verse as well

L: Yeah I like it

TNT: Whats the best touring advice you’re received?

L: Touring advice?

T: erm Make sure you book Travelodges that have carparks

L: Received or to give?

T received

L: I don’t know, If it was Deaf Havana they’d just say drink, just drink more!

T: It’s been hard to keep up with them

L: Book Travelodges so you don’t have to sleep in a van, we’ve done that for 4 years, longer than that, I keep saying 3 or 4 years all the time, its like a habit, we’ve probably spent more like 6 years  in a van, just like sleeping in the top of it,

T: I love my free cup of tea in the morning with Travelodges, We’ve hit the big time now! Travelodges!

TNT: What bands are you most excited for in 2014?

L: Excited for?

T: erm in looking forward to hearing like new stuff by Twin Atlantic and the XX, We like a lot of Scottish bands

L: Probably the same

T: Foo fighters have a new album coming out

L: Foo Fighters, you can always, when you like think the rest of the industry is s**t you always go ‘Musics crap these days, ah don’t worry Foo Fighters got a new album coming out, every things gonna be fine, its gonna be rescued again!’

T: Well hopefully, yeah, the last one did well, my mind has gone blank there’s probably a lot more bands that I’ll remember once this interview is over

L: can you think of any? Who should we be looking forward to?

TNT: Kids In Glass Houses final tour?

T: Ah the final tour, I got tickets to that, their last show’s on Halloween, managed to get tickets so I’m looking forward to that

TNT: That’s all the questions we’ve got, so thank you very much!

Interviewed by: Samantha Stott

Live Review: The People The Poet, Brighton, Concorde 2, 17th April 2014

The People The Poet-34The People The Poet, formed in 2008 under the name Tiger Please and renamed in 2012, showed themselves to be yet another strong and extremely accomplished emergence from South Wales. Yet to be a group widely known by masses, this tour, which has seen them supporting Deaf Havana, should ensure a rapid growth in their popularity and deserved recognition.

The People The Poet are extremely good at what they do, delivering powerful folk-rock anthems combined with undeniable Welsh charm, and they will be a sure hit at the festivals they are lined up to play this summer.

Their first album The Narrator which took 3 years to make is an intriguing venture made up of a collection of songs based on stories trusted to the band by fans – each track a poignant moment in time or journey of someone’s life. The lyrics combined with brilliant instrumentals capture the emotions and the result is well crafted, delivering easy listening folk pop-rock with meaning.

However, a live performance of this band is a must to appreciate fully the talents of these Welsh rockers. They bring to the stage a mass of energy led by the superb vocals of Leon Stanford that carry a deep indie-rock vibe, which combine perfectly with the delicate harmonies delivered by the diminutive ‘guest’ singer Greta Isaac.

The People The Poet command the stage from the first note with strong drum rhythms of Lewis Rowsel, accomplished guitar and bass, and anthemic sing along choruses that draw in the audience with ease  from the outset.
Sing, Take, Being Human and Stabilisers stand out  – big songs, with good melodies and catchy choruses that showcase their undoubted talents.

The People The Poet deserve the praise and recognition for their outstanding début album The Narrator that everyone needs to hear but if the opportunity arises for you to see them live at one of the many venues across the UK this summer then I would recommend you do – you will not be disappointed!

The Narrator by The People The Poet was released 4th November.

The People The Poet links: Website | Facebook | Twitter|

Check out our photos from the show

Written By: Lindsy Stott

Photography by: Samantha Stott

Music News: Kids In Glass Houses call it a day

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 17.19.06It is with sadness that we learned today that Kids in Glass Houses will be splitting up in October after playing a farewell tour around the UK. After 8 years and four albums the group have reached a unanimous decision to call it a day, a decision that cannot have been reached lightly.

Kids In Glass Houses have built up a steady and committed fan-base but have not succeeded in attaining the recognition and rewards that they truly deserve. They have not been lucky enough to have found quite the right label and as a result have been stuck playing smaller venues and festivals for much of their career which limited their audiences, even though they rocked Reading Main stage and supported Bon Jovi at Cardiff Stadium.

Despite 8 years of committed hard work, all round excellent musicianship, a collection of outstanding songs that audiences loved to sing along to and the release of some of the best records produced in this country over the past few years, the band have had to struggle to survive and be heard. The raw talent that is so evident when you listen to their music will be lost, the energy and passion of the five who have delighted so many fans across the UK, Europe and Australia will be no more – when will the British music scene wake up and support such home-grown talent!

We have been privileged to have seen Kids In Glass Houses on a number of occasions, at a variety of venues and festivals and they have always stood out as ‘one of the best’, as well as being 5 of the nicest guys you could hope to meet. They leave us with many happy memories – their performances being above all else fun. We will be there to support them to the end and we just hope that Aled, Joel, Ian, Shay and Phil are able to move on to new ventures where their talents will be justifiably recognised.

The dates of their last tour can be found below

Kids In Glass Houses – Thank you and good luck!

1621763_10153837572670463_116866107_nWritten by: Lindsy Stott

Photogrpahy by: Samantha Stott

Album Review: Kids In Glass Houses – Peace

kids-in-glass-houses-peace-2013-album-coverIt’s safe to say Kids In Glass Houses are back to what they do best, feel good pop-rock. They have always been a band on the verge of hitting the mainstream and with this album they may just get there.

Their début album for the Welsh Quintet “Smart Casual” saw them secure support slots with 30 Seconds To Mars, Lostprophets, Manic Street Preachers and Fall Out Boy, as well as their first headline tour which build a very committed following. The album suggested they were ready for great success even back then.

Their Sophomore album “Dirt”, which included “Undercover Lover” a track featuring Frankie Sandford from The Saturdays unfortunately failed to propel them to where they deserve to be, up-there with the likes of You Me At Six.

Their third album “In Gold Blood” saw them head in a completely new direction, with heavier guitars and darker themes, it only just got into the top 30.

After two years this new offering returns to the roots of their début and what they do best. With anthemic, feel good tunes that are filled with melody that will get the crowds singing along and we can’t get enough of it.

The opening track “Peace” is among one of the best tracks the band have ever released, with its gang vocal chorus chanting “Peace in the valley and sex in my soul, death to my body bury me in rock and roll” it sums up everything the band are about, fun, catchy songs and having a good time.

They chose “Drive as the first single to release of the album, it’s the perfect balance between this and their earlier offering. With its slightly heavier guitar riffs than some of the tracks on the album but still wanting to get you on the dance floor. “Up All Night” reminds us of one of their first singles “Give Me What I want”

The stand out tracks on the album are “Runaways” with its joyful melody and carefree nature and “Novocaine”. The latter proving a nice break from the anthemic roaring choruses, to a soaring emotional love song.

The album sees the strongest vocal performance of Aled’s career so far, full of emotion, power and talent. The album is completely different to anything their peers have put out recently, with most choosing to shun pop and head towards a heavier sound they have gone in the opposite direction, they have taken pop and embraced it and it really does work.

It is refreshing to hear that after the band moved away from the major label that produced their last two albums they have found themselves with this fan-funded offering. Unlike most albums there isn’t a weak link or a track that you can’t just sing a long to.

If I have one criticism of the album, it’s not long enough. Kids In Glass Houses have proved they are back and they are here to stay.

Written by: Samantha Stott