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Album Review: Kasabian – For Crying Out Loud

Kasabian’s sixth album is fun – a celebratory response to what had been a testing 2016. Tom Meighan still displays his laddish exterior but a more modest and unpretentious personality clearly shines through, reflecting the personal challenges he has had to overcome.

This album is full of big tunes and simple uptempo pleasures and takes a step back towards the band’s original doctrine. Whilst still satisfying the followers of their renowned ‘Lad Rock’ the music on this album is more upbeat and moves away from the Kasabian that were in danger of beginning to depress.
Primary songwriter and Guitarist Serge Pizzorno who completed the album in just 6 weeks has described the album as more “simple” than their most recent work and the result is a bundle of massive tunes with instant impact and melodies that sound familiar but bristle with joy.
The opening track Ill Ray (The King) encapsulates the celebratory influence that the band have aimed for, with a thundering chorus that will reverberate around the festival circuit this year.
You’re In Love With A Psycho is a declaration that you can’t choose who you love and features rhythmic and intricate guitar work from Pizzorno that highlight the influences of his hero Berry Gordy.
Other notable tracks include TwentyFourSeven a Stones influenced rock track and the Good Fight featuring a vocal to and fro between Meighan and Pizzorno
There are more mellow tracks such as Wasted which provides a melancholic interlude and the beautiful All Through The Night which showcases the vocals of Pizzorno.
Sixteen Blocks is a definite risk taker with a radical reggae backdrop topped by a big singalong chorus. 
Come Back Kid sees a return to the Kasabian swagger, Bless This Acid House is a cracking track with influences from the Buzzcocks , and the carefree and peppy Good Fight even features a boogie-woogie piano, a reminder that Kasabian do not always follow the expected format.
The final track Put Your Life On It, originally premiered at the band’s King Power Stadium shows last May, is an ode from Pizzorno to his wife, a celebration of love and life featuring the DMU Gospel Choir.
For Crying Out Loud provides confirmation that Kasabian are back where they belong. Inspired and influenced not just by the ups but also the downs of life, this album will certainly not disappoint the loyal following the band have accumulated over the years.
Written by: Lindsy Stott


Kasabian – Brixton O2 Academy – 20th August 2012


By Lindsy Stott

Kasabian proved that they are still one of the biggest crowd pullers in the UK music scene by filling the O2 Academy, on a very hot and sticky August Monday night. The atmosphere was that of a celebrating football crowd at a beerfest, the crowd overwhelmingly that of young males.

Tom Meighan strutted confidently on stage, setting the tone with Shoot the Runner, and the evening continued in the same jubilant and testosterone driven vein whilst Kasabian played through all of their extensive hit list – including Underdog, Clubfoot, Empire and the more recent Velociraptor supported by enthusiastic chanting audience participation.

Serge Pizzorno took centre stage for Take Aim whilst Meighan disappeared to top up  his lager glass. After 19 songs and the emergence of a lively mosh pit, Kasabian returned with a rousing encore of Switchblade Smiles, Vlad the Impaler and Fire, ensuring that the night ended as it began. The lager-fuelled crowd eagerly spilled out into the surrounding streets of Brixton, with Kasabian-style terrace chants chanting filling the air.

Kasabian, without a doubt, proved by the deafening appreciation from their fans that they are a national treasure up there with the best of them – why they were absent from the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics remains a mystery!