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Live review: Bring Me The Horizon – O2 London – 31st Oct and 5th Nov 2016


Bring Me the Horizon are in the midst of their first sell out arena tour across the UK – their biggest tour to date – even playing two sell out nights at the O2, London before heading on to Europe.

Not only are BMTH, as they are known amongst their fan base, rapidly staking their claim the best Alternative Rock/Metal band around but are on the verge of eclipsing pretty much every other modern rock band. As well as proving that they are a fantastic arena band, blending seamless production with mind-blowing graphics that together produce a stunning and powerful show, BMTH look completely at home, commanding every inch of the cavernous surroundings, as though this is where they have always meant to be.

An explosive entrance, complete with a torrent of streamers launched BMTH straight into Happy Song and this fusion of energy, pyrotechnics, smoke, light continue right through until the last chords of an arresting rendition of Drown;t he singalongs are big, the mosh pits bigger and rarely has a standing crowd been so big or lively at such a venue.

Follow You, a prime example of Bring Me The Horizon’s newer material incorporating a more progressive sound has been readily accepted by the older fans who were rewarded by a rare performance of Crucify Me and pounding Chelsea Smile from 2008, dispelling any thoughts that this band may have lost the bite that has been their trademark. The music remains loud, strong and exciting, and a true accomplishment that a band can so successfully mix up so many different genres and elements whilst continuing to push the boundaries.

Oli Sykes – whose vocals are on point throughout, seems to have grown in confidence; with a confident swagger Oli commands the stage with a sureness that even sees him sharing with the audience the ‘loss of a wife, and a friend this year’. The heavier songs – House of Wolves and Antivist – from the band’s previous album Sempiternal stand out, an energizing combination of noise and melody whilst the supporting vocals of Jordan Fish and Lee Malia on songs like Sempiternal and Doomed are without doubt equally impressive.

There is so much talent in this band, clearly displayed throughout this big, bold and captivating show. The slick staging, big screens and overall presence of this deserving band, Oli, Jordan, Matt, Lee and Matt brought The O2 to its knees, not once but twice.

BMTH are good – VERY good!!!

Set list

​​Happy Song 

​​Go to Hell, for Heaven’s Sake 

​​The House of Wolves 


​​The Best Is Yet to Come 

​​Shadow Moses 

​​Chelsea Smile 

​​Follow You 

​​Crucify Me 



​​Can You Feel My Heart 




​​True Friends 

​​Oh No 


Written by: Lindsy Stott


Live Review: Young Guns – The Haunt, Brighton – 2nd April 2015

Young Guns, the main event of the evening at The Haunt, marked a return to Brighton after a three year hiatus. Opening up with latest single I Want Out, the room was soon a mass of eager fans, who sang along with gusto to last September’s single release.

The engaging vocals of Frontman Gustav Wood excelled from the outset and he enthusiastically led Young Guns though a strong 14 piece set that included songs from their past two albums and soon to be released third album Ones and Zeros. Drummer Ben Jolliffe set the tone, providing a constant rhythm and hard rock beats, generating a sound that  is considerably harder live than on any of their recordings.

Each song was big and bold with one hook-laden anthem after another. The likes of Dearly Departed, Rising Up and monumental set closer Bones had fans in full vocal flow.

The quintet proved that despite having a break from playing shows recently they’ve not forgotten their performing skills although there were times that the set was not as tightly performed as in previous years, though this did not seem to matter to the raucous crowd who applauded and cheered fervently though-out.

It was an intense set that provided an energy that engaged the crowd, even allowing for a fervent mosh pit despite the compact surroundings. Performing older unexpected tracks such as Stitches ensured that the quintet appealed to fans old and new.
Young Guns have been away but have clearly not been forgotten and seem keen to stamp their mark on the music scene again this year. Their third album Ones and Zeros will be released on June 8, 2015


1    I Want Out

2 Dearly Departed

3 Rising Up

4 Stitches

5 You Are Not

6 Towers (On My Way)

7 Crystal Clear

8 After the War

9 Elements

10 Daylight

11 Everything Ends

12 Weight of the World

13 Speaking in Tongues

14 Bones

Written By: Lindsy Stott

Live Review – Blitz Kids – The Haunt, Brighton – 2nd April 2015


With a sold out show and an eager crowd it was up to Blitz Kids to kick off the night in the small and compact venue of The Haunt. This engaging quartet immediately drew the support of the lively crowd, opening with ‘Run for Cover’ and followed by ‘Sometimes’ – both guaranteed crowd pleasers!

Joe James, who possesses vocals that are both melodious and incredibly powerful had the crowd singing-along, generating an atmosphere filled with an energy and passion.

The inclusion of ‘Disaster Chapters’ and ‘Desert Storm’ in the set, both B sides from previous single releases were enthusiastically welcomed by the bands hardcore fans – both singles too good not to be brought back out again!

The tight musicianship of this band cannot be faulted, and strong vocal support from Jono Yates and Nic Montgomery added depth and strength to an engaging and professional set. The anthemic ‘All I Want’ saw Joe James bounding around the stage with the crowd providing a rousing vocal chorus.

Since the release of second album ‘The Good Youth’ the quartet have not stopped with numerous appearances across the UK. Since Slam dunk 2014 they have supported The Marmosets and Young Guns, and have also just returned from the USA after appearing at SXSW.

The faultless performance of the 9 piece set and the rousing reception received at The Haunt shows that Blitz Kids are one of the best British rock bands on the scene and their success looks set to continue, hopefully with their own, deserved headline tour later this year. If you get the chance to see Blitz Kids do not hesitate – you really will not be disappointed!


1 Run for Cover

2 Sometimes

3 Keep Swinging

4 Desert Storm

5 Disaster Chapters

6 Sold My Soul

7 All I Want Is Everything

8 On My Own

9 Perfect

Written By: Lindsy Stott

Live Review: All Time Low & You Me At Six – Motorpoint, Cardiff – 9th February 2015

All Time Low - Cardiff - 9th February 2015

You Me At Six - Cardiff Motorpoint - 9th Feb 2015

After touring the USA together last year, You Me At Six and All Time Low decided to tour the UK with a double headline tour – a decision that has seen sold out arenas across the country. including London’s O2.

All Time Low - Cardiff - 9th February 2015

All Time Low

All Time Low were the first of the two bands to hit the stage – and this they did this in their own inimitable highly charged and energetic style. They played a host of their hugely popular songs including Weightless and Lost In Stereo and Stella.

The crowd, as well as being treated to the usual party antics of the boys, including the ritual collecting of ’gifted’ underwear to decorate the mic stands with, were treated to the live debut of Something’s Gotta Give, led by Jack Bakarat.

Alex Gaskarth treated the audience to a solo performance  of Therapy with the audience all holding up mobile phones to light the arena. and the request for fans to join the lads on stage was met with great enthusiasm for a lively performance of Time Bomb.

The hi-octane performance from this ever popular and fun loving US band culminated with Alex and Jack jumping into the crowd and whilst managing to survive the clamouring fans they finished the show with Dear Maria, Count Me In


1 A Love Like War

2 Lost in Stereo

3 Heroes

4 Stella

5 Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)

6 Forget About It

7 The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver

8 Weightless

9 Therapy

10  Somewhere in Neverland

11  Backseat Serenade

12  Time-Bomb

13  Something’s Gotta Give
(live Debut)

14  The Reckless and the Brave

15  Dear Maria, Count Me In

You Me At Six

You Me At Six - Cardiff Motorpoint - 9th Feb 2015

You Me At Six, lead by a hobbling singer Josh Franchesci who was suffering from a broken ankle, opened their set with their 2014 hit Room To Breathe from the album Cavalier Youth.

The ubiquitous rendition of Loverboy was met with great enthusiasm  with the whole auditorium singing along, shortly followed by Underdog – undoubtedly one of their most popular songs.

This set the scene for an incredible evening and crowd continued to display their word perfect vocal support during Reckless – a fantastic performance that lifted the roof, swiftly followed by Crash.

You Me At Six were on top form throughout and the ever popular Bite Your Tongue kept the fans on their feet – Josh Franceschi singing with a confidence and authority rarely before seen.

The musical talents of the whole band were incredible and together with the superb vocals added up to a fantastic night’s entertainment – the ardent fans could not have asked for more!


1 Room to Breathe

2 Stay With Me

3 Loverboy

4 Contagious Chemistry

5 The Consequence

6 No One Does It Better

7 Underdog

8 Carpe Diem

9 The Dilemma

10 Reckless

11 Crash

12 Fireworks

13 Forgive and Forget


14 Bite My Tongue

15 Fresh Start Fever

16 Lived a Lie

Written By: Lindsy Stott

Photography By: Samantha Stott

Live Review: Kids In Glass Houses, Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms, 7th October 2014

KIGH - Portsmouth-62The poignant vocals of Edith Piaf singing ‘Je ne regrette rein opened the set for Kids In Glass Houses on their farewell tour. This matched the emotional atmosphere of the crowd, who came armed with love and support for 5 lads from Cardiff who they may never see perform again.
Kids In Glass Houses lived up to the expectation of their stalwart fans – from the opening track Artbreaker through to the roof lifting Matters At All – providing yet another energetic and high octane performance, delivered with an ease and professionalism that many groups can only ever hope to achieve.

This band, who have worked together for over 7 years, playing venues ranging from street festivals to concert halls, pub basements to the Reading and Leeds Festival have never failed to deliver.

The accomplished guitar playing of Joel Fisher and Iain Mahanty the rich rise and fall of Andrew ‘Shay’ Sheehy on bass and the driving drum rhythms of Philip Jenkins delivered throughout the set, which consisted of hits from all of their albums, Smart Casual, Dirt, In Gold Blood and Peace. Kids In Glass Houses succeeded in encapsulating the very best from each album, delivering their anthemic and engaging melodies with full crowd participation from start to finish.

Despite being championed by the rock media, staunch support from a number of other bands of their generation, and a solid fan base Kids In Glass Houses never obtained the backing of the record companies that they so deserved and needed. As a result, the British music scene is about to loose a fantastically talented band that will be very much missed.

Aled Phillips has a voice that needs to be heard – as evidenced by his acoustic solo of Raise Hell which was, quite simply awesome and question why millions of pounds are being spent trying to ‘forge’ a new popster by the blinkered promoters in this fickle industry when here is natural raw talent that is about to be forsaken.

As a farewell tour this could have been melancholic but at no stage did the professionalism of this band slip and we were without doubt privileged to witness Kids In Glass Houses a at their absolute best. If you have not yet got a ticket then I would suggest you do, but you had better be quick. This may be your last opportunity to see this phenomenally talented quintet.

May we take this opportunity to thank Kids In Glass Houses – a bunch of genuinely lovely and humble guys who have left us with some cracking albums and many a good happy memory. We wish you all luck with your future ventures and genuinely hope that this will not be the last we hear from you

Written By: Lindsy Stott

Photography By: Samantha Stott

Live Review: State Champs – Slam Dunk 2014

Slam-Dunk-Festival-2014State Champs must take the crown for generating the most energetic and boisterous crowd participation at this year’s festival.

Delivering tracks from their awesome debut album The Finer Things, hailed as one of the best pop-punk releases in recent years, the band display a distinctly catchier and edgier sound than the rest in the genre.

Top rated performances of their anthemic tracks Critical and Simple Existence helped to build the atmosphere to another level. The finale of Elevated led to a multitude of crowd suffers and some seriously ferocious mosh pits that saw bodies flying in all directions.

State Champs are no strangers to hard work, and rewarded their fans with a set that was evidently as much fun for the band as it was for the fans. The reception for this New York group and the sheer enjoyment of the crowd will live in the memory of many for a while to come, long after the bruises have faded.

Written by: Lindsy Stott

Live Review: Save Your Breath – Slam Dunk 2014

Slam-Dunk-Festival-2014Welsh pop punkers Save Your Breath drew a large and vocal crowd for their performance on the Atticus stage. Following the release of their album There Used To Be A Place For Us the band were in the mood to celebrate and that they did in style.

They succeeded in maintaining their raw-edged delivery whilst remaining musically faultless and with ease had the crowd eating out of their hand.
 Lessons was delivered with a rousing chorus, matched against the slower, near ballad of Skin & Bones . The more pop orientated Abandon had all singing along and the fast paced Find a Way was catchy and loud.

Whilst not the most innovative band to have graced the pop-punk music scene they have definitely done a good job and the release of their great album has provided a refreshing new sound and a slightly different direction for the band to go in, but one that certainly works live. The crowd left feeling more than satisfied, if not a little tired and hoarse from their energetic and enthusiastic participation.

Written by: Lindsy Stott