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Album Review: The People The Poet – Paradise Closed

The People The Poet – Paradise Closed

Release date: April 1st 2016

Members: Leon Stanford – Vocals, Tyla Campbell – Guitar, Pete Mills – Bass, Lewis Rowsell – Drums

The Pontypridd rock outfit made lots of new friends at SXSW in Austin, Texas – so much so that the have been invited back again this year. In addition, they will shortly be releasing a new 6 track EP ‘ Paradise Closed’ – a follow up to their critically-acclaimed debut album The Narrator (2013).

‘Happy Being Miserable’ – an upbeat song that is the opening track for a more carefully produced and accomplished collection of songs than the band have previously released . This track is a witty,  heavily laden sarcastic track that is both fun and catchy

‘Club 27’ follows and is by contrast a blues based track and the forthcoming single to be released on 15th March. With a sound that could be likened to Bruce Springstein’ this is a strong anthem track that deserves to receive due acclaim being a stand out song that pays tribute to some of the music world’s young losses; this will definitely engage audiences and have them singing along

‘Matchday’ – this previous released single which has received an encouraging amount of airplay as well as having been used for Welsh Rugby Union coverage – reminiscent of the Killer’s Sam’s Town, with Leon Stanford duetting with occasional support singer Greta Isaac.

‘Same Heart’ – reminiscent of Kings of Leon – an undulating and rolling track with strong drum tempo, lyrically very clever and thought provoking, supported by haunting and delicate guitar riffs.

‘Needle In A Haystack’ – a track that would slip easily into a Coldplay album, another catchy track with changing tempos, it is quite simply instrumentally brilliant.

‘When The Fire Goes Out’ a memorable track with strong acoustics and leading piano. The soft tempo of this track, with delicate guitars, builds to showcase a depth to Leon’s voice that is a match for Chris Martin or Bono.

This EP is superb and showcases a variety and depth to their music and songwriting that few bands around at the moment have, and without doubt the best they have written so far. This band have produced an EP of quality that deserves serious recognition; this band have a strong future.


Written By: Lindsy Stott


Album Review: The Blackout – Wolves

theblackoutcd2014900_635_635_s_c1Since the release of their last album Start The Party, The Blackout have been keeping a low profile, with the last 18 months having seen them split from both their record label and management, leaving a fairly hefty debt needing to be repaid.

As a result, the band decided to try take matters into their own hand, and with the help of Kickstarter, their dream turned into reality, culminating in the release of their 5 track EP Wolves (released 27 October 2014).

Whilst Start The Party had a number of good songs, it failed to appeal to the diehard Blackout fans due to its more mainstream feel, and certainly didn’t receive the same level of acclaim as previous albums The Best In Town or Hope.

Wolves sees a welcome return to The Blackout of old with a collection of aggressive songs, loud riffs, and catchy choruses. Sean Smith’s familiar screams return with avengence in Liars and the EPs title track Wolves is like a blast from the past with crowd chanting and melodic vocals a plenty. It is a departure from their more recent work and a definite return to form.

The Blackout have put a lot of hard work into developing this EP, using their 11 year s of experience in the music industry, whilst taking control and returning to their roots.

The Blackout are currently touring the UK with this new EP, which is sure to see fans rushing to see the band back on top form.

Wolves is an exciting development that will hopefully reap rewards for the band who should be applauded for having taken the risk to take control of their future, rather than be beaten by the big boys.

If you get a chance, grab a ticket to one of the gigs, you won’t be disappointed!

8 Nov 2014 Sat, 19:00
Slade Rooms, 

9 Nov 2014 Sun, 19:00
The Fleece, 

10 Nov 2014 Mon, 19:00
The Rescue Rooms, 

11 Nov 2014 Wed, 19:00
Cardiff University, 

12 Nov 2014 Wed, 19:00
The 1865, 

13 Nov 2014 Thu, 19:00
Scala London, 

Written By: Lindsy Stott

Ones To Watch: EofE

1492233_231182207076158_2089118689_oTom Harris, 17,Vocals

Dan Bremmer, 19, Guitar/Backing vocals

Luke Bradley, 18, Bass/Backing vocals

Nicky Waters, 25, Drums

EofE certainly have potential and as the support act for McBusted the exposure could serve to launch them up the UK music scene apace.
They are all accomplished musicians and seem to work well together (although this is early days as the drummer who is a few years older than the rest of the band only joined the three teenagers in Feb 2014)

An accomplished first offering lust, especially as the songs have also been written by the band

A very catchy first track to launch the band with
Offering more of a rock theme than current bands of their age
Solid drum beats dominates throughout the track, together with some accomplished guitar rifts
This band could easily fill a void in current music on offer

Kiss me like you mean it;
Starts with a good guitar rift rock vibe but then disappointingly descends into more of a ‘boy band’ production. Strong vocals – the talents of all band members are clear.

Piece of you;
Slower paced and measured delivery,
Vocals and strong clear at outset although these loose depth as song progresses and could be difficult to listen to for a long time – perhaps set in a lower key would be advisable!
Supported by strong and accomplished guitars and drums

EofE links Website | Facebook | Twitter


Written by: Lindsy Stott

EP Review: States and Empires – Giants

7880_438986299548943_1004299334_nHere at The New Transmission we were all a bit gutted when we heard about the Attack! Attack! (UK) break up. They were a band that at lot of the team had seen live at some point in their touring history, so we were all pretty excited when we heard that one half of the Welsh quartet were back with a brilliant new project.

Vocalist Neil Starr and bassist Will Davies have now been joined by drummer Johno Fisher to form States and Empires. We were anxious to get our hands on a copy of their brand new four track EP Giants’ which was mixed by the awesome Stuart Richardson and when it arrived we were not disappointed. Now firstly we don’t normally initially comment on the artwork but we were totally blown away with the beautifully painted masterpiece by Richard J Oliver that graced the cover on this EP it has a massive impact when you first pick up the CD.

The first track ‘Revolution’ is a brilliant high paced rock anthem in which it becomes clear pretty quickly that this is not just a progression from Attack! Attack! to another band, this really is something completely new and fresh. Neil Starr’s vocals are the best we have ever heard them and seem to have gained so much power and passion than we have previously ever heard. It’s pretty obvious that Starr has developed in ways we hadn’t expected on this EP. ‘Sunset on our Love’ is definitely the high point, with its catchy sing a long chorus no doubt this will become a track the band become renowned for. The consistent deliverance of brilliant tracks on this record is quite frankly ridiculous; every track is as catchy as the last and completely fills that Attack! Attack! shaped hole we were suffering from. The last song ‘Paralysed’ is a mosh pit pleaser which simply sent us a bit mental and made us want to spend the night rocking out with an air guitar in front of a mirror. Take our advice, you have to check this band out, we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

States and Empires EP ‘Giants’ is out now and is available from iTunes and the band’s website.

Written by: Pat Gleeson