Live Review: Young Guns – The Haunt, Brighton – 2nd April 2015

Young Guns, the main event of the evening at The Haunt, marked a return to Brighton after a three year hiatus. Opening up with latest single I Want Out, the room was soon a mass of eager fans, who sang along with gusto to last September’s single release.

The engaging vocals of Frontman Gustav Wood excelled from the outset and he enthusiastically led Young Guns though a strong 14 piece set that included songs from their past two albums and soon to be released third album Ones and Zeros. Drummer Ben Jolliffe set the tone, providing a constant rhythm and hard rock beats, generating a sound that  is considerably harder live than on any of their recordings.

Each song was big and bold with one hook-laden anthem after another. The likes of Dearly Departed, Rising Up and monumental set closer Bones had fans in full vocal flow.

The quintet proved that despite having a break from playing shows recently they’ve not forgotten their performing skills although there were times that the set was not as tightly performed as in previous years, though this did not seem to matter to the raucous crowd who applauded and cheered fervently though-out.

It was an intense set that provided an energy that engaged the crowd, even allowing for a fervent mosh pit despite the compact surroundings. Performing older unexpected tracks such as Stitches ensured that the quintet appealed to fans old and new.
Young Guns have been away but have clearly not been forgotten and seem keen to stamp their mark on the music scene again this year. Their third album Ones and Zeros will be released on June 8, 2015


1    I Want Out

2 Dearly Departed

3 Rising Up

4 Stitches

5 You Are Not

6 Towers (On My Way)

7 Crystal Clear

8 After the War

9 Elements

10 Daylight

11 Everything Ends

12 Weight of the World

13 Speaking in Tongues

14 Bones

Written By: Lindsy Stott


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