Album Review: The Maine – American Candy


The Maine – the enduring American rock band from Tempe, Arizona that formed in January 2007 and who have now released their fifth studio album, American Candy (March 31, 2015)

The Maine could so easily been lost in the ageing plethora of american pop-punk bands but their last two albums have seen them forge their own, definitive Americana-style path with an indie-rock twist which has succeeded in maintaining the support of their fans as well as attracting many new listeners along the way.

This winning formula is clearly evident with their fifth album American Candy which displays another consistently strong bunch of songs to add to their rapidly growing collection but sees The Maine developing and adapting their sound further into a mature and substantial pop-rock album.

There are musical influences stretching back to the 1970’s, marking a departure from the brooding melancholy sounds of their last album Forever Halloween which featured a heavier and darker alt -rock vibe.

American Candy showcases the high energy pop punk anthems about love and youth and is a lighter, Summer album – clearly evident in the opening track Miles Away. The Maine acknowledge that they are no longer the twenty one year olds they were when they released Black and White in 2010, and the loss of the overused four-chord guitar riffs show that this band has grown up.

English Girls is pure, professional pop-rock that will have you dancing around the room. Another Night On Mars contrasts this perfectly with it’s piano-led overtones.

In the album’s second track Same Suit, Different Tie, it’ is evident that even the band recognise their transition but maintain that they have remained true to their roots throughout their career progressions.

The Maine ridicule authority in My Hair making clear that they are going to do whatever the hell they please, and the whole album portrays the band’s ‘We don’t give a f***’ attitude.

American Candy is another stage of The Maine’s musical evolution. They successfully maintain the playful energy that their hardcore fans love but have created a mature album and if you’re looking for a solid collection of unique pop rock anthems then look no further than this

Many fans will say that this is undoubtedly The Maine’s finest album to date. It may fall under the radar as their records so often do, but American Candy is a fantastic album that deserves to be heard and heralded this Summer. It is affirmation that The Maine never left, and have no intention of doing so anytime soon, and above all, The Maine have proved with this release that they can still kick ass–and that they kick it pretty damn hard!!

Track Listing

Miles Away

Same Suit, Different Tie

My Hair

English Girls

24 Floors

Diet Soda Society

Am I Pretty?


American Candy

Another Night On Mars

Written By: Lindsy Stott


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