Album Review: The Blackout – Wolves

theblackoutcd2014900_635_635_s_c1Since the release of their last album Start The Party, The Blackout have been keeping a low profile, with the last 18 months having seen them split from both their record label and management, leaving a fairly hefty debt needing to be repaid.

As a result, the band decided to try take matters into their own hand, and with the help of Kickstarter, their dream turned into reality, culminating in the release of their 5 track EP Wolves (released 27 October 2014).

Whilst Start The Party had a number of good songs, it failed to appeal to the diehard Blackout fans due to its more mainstream feel, and certainly didn’t receive the same level of acclaim as previous albums The Best In Town or Hope.

Wolves sees a welcome return to The Blackout of old with a collection of aggressive songs, loud riffs, and catchy choruses. Sean Smith’s familiar screams return with avengence in Liars and the EPs title track Wolves is like a blast from the past with crowd chanting and melodic vocals a plenty. It is a departure from their more recent work and a definite return to form.

The Blackout have put a lot of hard work into developing this EP, using their 11 year s of experience in the music industry, whilst taking control and returning to their roots.

The Blackout are currently touring the UK with this new EP, which is sure to see fans rushing to see the band back on top form.

Wolves is an exciting development that will hopefully reap rewards for the band who should be applauded for having taken the risk to take control of their future, rather than be beaten by the big boys.

If you get a chance, grab a ticket to one of the gigs, you won’t be disappointed!

8 Nov 2014 Sat, 19:00
Slade Rooms, 

9 Nov 2014 Sun, 19:00
The Fleece, 

10 Nov 2014 Mon, 19:00
The Rescue Rooms, 

11 Nov 2014 Wed, 19:00
Cardiff University, 

12 Nov 2014 Wed, 19:00
The 1865, 

13 Nov 2014 Thu, 19:00
Scala London, 

Written By: Lindsy Stott


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