Live Review: We Are The In Crowd – Slam Dunk 2014

Slam-Dunk-Festival-2014As expected, We Are The In Crowd, fronted by Tay Jardine drew a large excitable crowd. This well-honed and professional band ran through tracks from their new album as well as a string of old numbers, each ferociously chorused by the ardent fans.

A tightly tuned performance of one of the new tracks, The Best Thing (That Never Happened), saw the recognisable back and forth vocals of Tay and Jordan Eckes played to the full. This trade mark delivery, with each vocalist complimenting the other perfectly, resulted in a catchy, bouncy display that was as engaging as it was enjoyable.

There was a genuine fun, party atmosphere and it was clear that this is not just a day job to the band members – none more so than bassist Mike Ferri who led the festivities.

Despite having been around for a fair few years We Are The In Crowd’s success seems once again to be on the rise. Following on from their recent UK tour, exposure on Radio One and attendance at most festivals this Summer will see the bands loyal followers being joined by a younger generation which can only lead to greater success for this stalwart pop punk group.

Written by: Lindsy Stott


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