Live Review: Save Your Breath – Slam Dunk 2014

Slam-Dunk-Festival-2014Welsh pop punkers Save Your Breath drew a large and vocal crowd for their performance on the Atticus stage. Following the release of their album There Used To Be A Place For Us the band were in the mood to celebrate and that they did in style.

They succeeded in maintaining their raw-edged delivery whilst remaining musically faultless and with ease had the crowd eating out of their hand.
 Lessons was delivered with a rousing chorus, matched against the slower, near ballad of Skin & Bones . The more pop orientated Abandon had all singing along and the fast paced Find a Way was catchy and loud.

Whilst not the most innovative band to have graced the pop-punk music scene they have definitely done a good job and the release of their great album has provided a refreshing new sound and a slightly different direction for the band to go in, but one that certainly works live. The crowd left feeling more than satisfied, if not a little tired and hoarse from their energetic and enthusiastic participation.

Written by: Lindsy Stott


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