Live Review: Decade – Slam Dunk 2014

Slam-Dunk-Festival-2014Decade graced the Macbeth stage mid-afternoon, arriving to an already warmed up crowd. Delivering their fine-tuned pop-punk, Decade seemed at home from the outset. Although not yet graced with the largest set of fans, this up and coming group set out to win over the crowd and earn the respect of die-hard pop punk fans. They delivered an energetic and enthusiastic set with an eclectic mix of grungy pop punk tracks taken from their recently released début album Good Luck.

Decade delivered a surprisingly professional set, successfully showing off what they do best and injecting excitement into a performance which left the crowd pumped.  Decade played with remarkable professionalism, determined to show off what they can do and intent on getting the crowd pumped along the way.

Their début album’s title track Good Luck combined acoustic guitar with hefty drums and rousing guitar riffs, and the pop punk influences were clearly evident in Callous and Brainfreeze – both catchy single releases that once heard stayed with you.

Decade arrived at Slam Dunk with a bang, and the continued high tempo vibe had the crowd jumping; this band will undoubtedly continue to attract attention throughout the summer with their live performances showcasing catchy choruses and big hitting tunes that pack a punch.

Written by: Lindsy Stott


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