Ones To Watch: EofE

1492233_231182207076158_2089118689_oTom Harris, 17,Vocals

Dan Bremmer, 19, Guitar/Backing vocals

Luke Bradley, 18, Bass/Backing vocals

Nicky Waters, 25, Drums

EofE certainly have potential and as the support act for McBusted the exposure could serve to launch them up the UK music scene apace.
They are all accomplished musicians and seem to work well together (although this is early days as the drummer who is a few years older than the rest of the band only joined the three teenagers in Feb 2014)

An accomplished first offering lust, especially as the songs have also been written by the band

A very catchy first track to launch the band with
Offering more of a rock theme than current bands of their age
Solid drum beats dominates throughout the track, together with some accomplished guitar rifts
This band could easily fill a void in current music on offer

Kiss me like you mean it;
Starts with a good guitar rift rock vibe but then disappointingly descends into more of a ‘boy band’ production. Strong vocals – the talents of all band members are clear.

Piece of you;
Slower paced and measured delivery,
Vocals and strong clear at outset although these loose depth as song progresses and could be difficult to listen to for a long time – perhaps set in a lower key would be advisable!
Supported by strong and accomplished guitars and drums

EofE links Website | Facebook | Twitter


Written by: Lindsy Stott


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