Music News: Kids In Glass Houses call it a day

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 17.19.06It is with sadness that we learned today that Kids in Glass Houses will be splitting up in October after playing a farewell tour around the UK. After 8 years and four albums the group have reached a unanimous decision to call it a day, a decision that cannot have been reached lightly.

Kids In Glass Houses have built up a steady and committed fan-base but have not succeeded in attaining the recognition and rewards that they truly deserve. They have not been lucky enough to have found quite the right label and as a result have been stuck playing smaller venues and festivals for much of their career which limited their audiences, even though they rocked Reading Main stage and supported Bon Jovi at Cardiff Stadium.

Despite 8 years of committed hard work, all round excellent musicianship, a collection of outstanding songs that audiences loved to sing along to and the release of some of the best records produced in this country over the past few years, the band have had to struggle to survive and be heard. The raw talent that is so evident when you listen to their music will be lost, the energy and passion of the five who have delighted so many fans across the UK, Europe and Australia will be no more – when will the British music scene wake up and support such home-grown talent!

We have been privileged to have seen Kids In Glass Houses on a number of occasions, at a variety of venues and festivals and they have always stood out as ‘one of the best’, as well as being 5 of the nicest guys you could hope to meet. They leave us with many happy memories – their performances being above all else fun. We will be there to support them to the end and we just hope that Aled, Joel, Ian, Shay and Phil are able to move on to new ventures where their talents will be justifiably recognised.

The dates of their last tour can be found below

Kids In Glass Houses – Thank you and good luck!

1621763_10153837572670463_116866107_nWritten by: Lindsy Stott

Photogrpahy by: Samantha Stott


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