Album Review: We Are The In Crowd – Weird Kids

We-Are-the-In-Crowd-Weird-Kids-2014-1200x1200The new album release  Weird Kids from We Are The In Crowd is subtlety different to anything the band has previously delivered. With a second album there is always the pressure for a band to meet pre-conceived expectations, especially following a three year hiatus, but this fresh collaboration produced by John Feldmann  (All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco) finds the band taking their music down different routes, while still managing to stay true to themselves.

Weird Kids improves on what was ‘expected’ from the We Are The In Crowd formula with better production, catchier hooks and more memorable lyrics  resulting in a  refreshing album that is fun! Whilst there is a lot of emphasis on nostalgia, memories, and dreaming of the future – to be expected from a band now predominantly in their 20s, the album is wildly upbeat and packs a punch.

The opening track Long Live The Kids starts deceptively slowly but Taylor (Tay) Jardine’s strong powerful vocals build until we are thrown back into the pop-punk genre that we know and love.

This album has a couple of ballads Come Back Home which has a slight country vibe revealing mellow, softer singing from both Jordan Eckes and Tay Jardine.

Windows in Heaven in particular highlights a new level to Tay’s voice a stunning exposure of real, heartfelt emotion and vulnerability , in a song dedicated to her late father.

Thankfully Weird Kids retains the characteristic ‘call and response’ technique between Tay and Jordan – clearly demonstrated in the track Manners.

Attention, the first single to be released from this album is the closest track to the band’s older material –  memorable lyrics set against a catchy beat and one that will go down well with a live crowd on their current tour, whilst Don’t you worry is an out-and-out ‘feel good’ song whilst Dreaming out loud successfully delivers a heavier, more rock-based track, far removed from their expected pop-punk sound but which shows a refreshingly different side to We are the in crowd.

Three years between albums seems a long time to wait but it has not been time wasted. Whilst the band will continue to appeal to their growing posse of teenage fans, with many songs focusing on ‘staying young’ and ‘having fun’, there is a definite feeling of maturity creeping into this album.

Weird Kids is definitely an album that We Are The In Crowd can be proud of, and if they continue with this winning formula they will undoubtedly be assured of a long and promising career ahead of them.

Written by: Lindsy Stott


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