Ones To Watch: SixStringNoise

a1962050753_10SixStringNoise began their journey in 2010, arriving at their current 4 member line by the end of 2012. The band – Alex D (Drums), Alex B (Bass/Backing vocals), Markos 6SN (Lead Vocals/Lead n’ Rhythm Guitars) and Nikos X  (Guitarist) started to play gigs all around Athens and Alexandroupoli, and released their Debut album. At the end of March 2013 new album “Likewise” was planned and ready to be released.
 After many shows during the Summer and Autumn 2013 Alex B was replaced by Ioannis B on the bass duties and they are now attempting to break into the UK music scene.

Likewise is an interesting debut album but gives the impression that the band are not yet quite sure which direction they really want to go in. Having been likened to Alterbridge, Creed and Slash will perhaps lead to some initial disappointment; yes, the vocals are, on the whole good, both bass and lead guitarists can play and they can certainly hold a tune but they are nowhere near the same league as the aforementioned artists, being more akin to the likes of The Veer and Pop Evil!

The opening track Busted is by far the best on the album – catchy, fast paced, with strong guitar lead, and vocals like a younger Axel RoseCirculations is also a contender, leaning on a strong drum rhythm throughout and screaming guitars. By contrast however,  El Monstuo opens with battling guitar rifts only to disappoint as it dissolves into a folk inspired tune that would not sound out-of-place on an Eagles album.

Prayer Collision could be ‘Vocal Collision’ with much of Markos voice being drowned out competing clashing guitar chords. There is a feeling in a few tracks – Dark Slimy Thing and On Childhoods River of trying to cram too much into some of the songs with all band members fighting to be heard individually rather than playing together.

Backyard’s fence would have been better left off of this debut offering – a confusing slow melody of acoustic guitar and harmonica set against a background of farm animals – all very bizarre and quite unsettling!

Whilst there are lessons to be learnt, for a first offering the bones are in place on which the band can grow and develop. The bonus track Has to Be ends the album well with simpler and cleaner vocals set against a good melody that builds into some fine guitar playing and solid percussion. A few more tracks like this and a focus perhaps on ‘less is more’ will see them heading in the right direction and may even see them break into the UK rock scene.

Their album Likewise can be streamed on Bandcamp and Spotify or purchased on iTunes or Amazon.

Written By: Lindsy Stott


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