Album Review: Imagine Dragons – Night Visions

Night-Visions-Album-Cover-CroppedFollowing in the wake of their Las Vegas predecessors, The Killers, Imagine Dragons led by the only remaining founder member, Dan Reynolds are fast building a growing and dedicated fan base.

Night Visions is the band’s first studio album which was three years in the making. Known primarily as an alternative rock/indie band this album and covers a variety of genres including pop, folk, and hip-hop and tracks such as the It’s Time have received airplay on numerous radio stations worldwide, commercials and movie trailers.

Imagine Dragons have succeeded in writing an album which displays depth and power including many anthems that will be at home in their arena performances, attracting wide-ranging critical acclaim. Whilst they base many of the songs around rock-song structures they offset these with accomplished vocal harmonies and effective mixing acoustic and electric guitar.

Dan Reynolds, Lead Singer combines quality lyrics throughout with strong and impressive vocals. Radioactive the albums opening ‘stadium rock’ track features heavy drum rhythms set against a background of electro-pop. This is immediately followed by the uplifting feel-good track On top of the World which will have you singing along. This is then again contrasted a by Amsterdam featuring a sombre baseline and more reflective mood, and so this format continues throughout.

Hear Me is the track that could have been written and performed by The Killers and is the one that often sparks comparison between the two bands.

Imagine Dragons display a wealth of diversity and have succeeded in combining the various genres of indie, Alternative-Rock and Electro-pop that enables them to appeal to a wider market than some of their contemporaries, and will secure their position on the mainstream music scene for some time to come.

Written by: Lindsy Stott


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