Album Review: Ellie Goulding – Halcyon Days

Ellie-Goulding-Halcyon-Days-2013-1200x1200Ellie Goulding has established herself as one of our brightest pop stars – being recognised for her poignant delivery, husky tones and elevated vibtarto with songs influenced by Bjork, Lauren Hill, Calvin Harris and Kanye West.

Halcyon Days is an extended version of Halycon, originally released at the beginning of 2013, and features no less than 28 tracks and follows Ellie through the highs and lows of life displaying emotions of happiness and heartbreak throughout. The album features up tempo numbers which display her ‘sunnier’ side Goodness Gracious and Midas Touch which have been very well received as well as offering her more familiar haunting melodies.

There are a number of collaborations featuring the likes of DJ Fresh Flashlight, Madeon Stay Awake and a cover of Tessalate with Xaphoon Jones  which include electronic beats that add another dimension to her soulful delivery.

Halcyon days has resulted in a handful of hit singles such as I Need Your Love and How Long will I Love You as well as her first number one Burn, and her influence has spread worldwide. Ellie has succeeded in appealing to a wider audience and the extension and additions to Halcyon, with the addictive synths and memorable choruses has breathed fresh life into what was already a good album.

Halcyon Days has raised Ellie to the top of the charts and I am sure she will remain here, for some time.

Written by: Lindsy Stott


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