Album Review: Kodaline – In a Perfect World

81F06x9IA6L._SL1000_Kodaline, a quartet from Ireland who have been likened to their fellow countrymen Snowpatrol and U2, as well as Coldplay and Elbow, are also aiming to play the arenas and stadiums around the world by building a reputation via extensive Youtube coverage, live gigs and EP releases.

Their 2013 release In a Perfect World had the Marmite effect – generating love it or hate it reactions to this debut album which provides well-penned and catchy tunes such as One DayHigh Hopes and Love Like This matched against more mid-tempo and somewhat bland songs such as Brand New Day or All Comes Down. With guitar rifts reminiscent of Mumford and Sons, together with piano chords of Coldplay the songs frequently build to include catchy hooks that will see festival goers singing along, and with the absence of Chris Martin (et al) they could well benefit from being able to fill this void.

The band display their musical capabilities throughout this album which are matched when playing live, with strong vocals from lead singer Steve Garrigan supported by confident rhythmic percussion heavily influenced with traditional Irish vibes.

Kodaline are bound by long friendships and many shared experiences to have got them here, but whether they will have the worldwide success that they crave is hard to gauge – they are treading a precarious fine line between being taken seriously and just playing ‘what people want to hear’.

Written by: Lindsy Stott


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