Album Reivew: You Me At Six – Cavalier Youth

you_me_at_six_cavalier_youthSurrey natives, You Me At Six, are back with their forth studio album Cavalier Youth. It was a long wait compared to the first three which were released in quick succession, catapulting the band to the forefront of the British rock scene. But this offering proves worth the wait with the best album the band have ever produced.

The opening track Too Young To Feel This Old kicks the album off nicely, offering some of the older You Me At Six sound we are all used to – rock fused with catchy pop and a chorus we can see crowds singing along to on the upcoming tour in April.

This is followed by Lived A Lie, the first single released back in September, which is very reminiscent of Hold Me Down but again eases us nicely into their new heavier sound which features more prominently on the rest of the album.

The next few tracks, Fresh Start Fever (their latest single), Forgive and Forget, Room to Breathe and Win Some, Lose Some continue with the heavier rock theme, similar to that of their incredibly popular Sinners Never Sleep, a direction that many fans hoped they would follow.

Cavalier Youth does have a slightly pessimistic feel which follows on from Sinners Never Sleep. A line from Room To Breathe “I’ve honestly never felt this alone, Oh I just need someone.” for example, is something that many of their teenage fans will relate to and makes a pleasant change to the sugar-coating so many current pop/rock bands put on their music. There are however a few hints of positivity on the album with “If I’m going to die, I’m not going to die on my knees, If there’s bigger plans…” a line from Win Some, Lose Some which suggests that the band have at last sorted out their differences and are happy to be where they are.

Josh Francheschi’s clean cut vocals unmistakable show great improvement from any of their previous albums, something that will hopefully be evident in they live shows. He certainly carries the album, whilst the catch guitar riffs by Max Helyer and Chris Miller instinctively make you want to move and provide the real driving force behind many of the tracks.

There is a good mixture of tracks; not all of them are heavy rock numbers that crowds will be head banging to, as there are a few tracks that instantly make you want to sing along at the top of you voice. Cold Night, one of the stand out tracks, is catchy in its simplicity and will be stuck in your head all night.

Another stand out track is Love Me Live You Used To which we can see Josh demanding various circle pits for is one of the liveliest with its driving drums from Dan Flint and pulsing bass form Matt Barnes, both recognisable as stand out tracks along with Wild Ones.

Be Who You Are is a stand out track that has a completely different vibe to all of the others. It is more of an interlude than an actual track, with a strong country feel to it having lost the distorted electric guitars in favour of simple clean riffs. This track also carries a strong message to their fans, with many a teenager in society trying to be like their idols instead of being themselves.

Carpe Diem picks up the rock feel again with its simplistic chant-like chorus, this is the song you will be singing once the album has finished.

The closing track on the album is Wild Ones – again it is very simplistic but with just a pulsing bass drum and basic riff, everything is focused on Josh’s vocals. The song picks up towards the end and finishes the album in a similar way to the closing track of the last album Sinners Never Sleep When we were younger, again reminiscing on the past.

Overall this album has the perfect mix of their older pop/rock sound and that heavier sound  the band teased us with on their last album – this time they have nailed it perfectly. Cavalier Youth is the best piece in the band’s catalogue to date and is sure to increase their fan base and secure their name as one of the best British bands on the scene, a place they deserve to be.

Released: January 27th

Written by: Samantha Stott


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