Album Review: Fall Out Boy – PAX AM Days

fall-out-boy-pax-am-days-2013-1200x12008 songs, 13 minutes of gold. It is a short follow up to the band’s recent 2013 studio album, Save Rock and Roll, recorded after the band’s 4 year hiatus.

PAX AM Days seems to be heavily marketed towards the band’s older (“die hard”) fans before the release of their 2005 album From Under the Cork Tree. It has a similar sound to their 2003 mini LP, Fall Out Boy’s Evening out With Your Girlfriend, with its very un-polished production. Not to discredit the EP’s value at all, it is very appealing, with its nitty-gritty sound and machine gun guitar riffs.

If you are a fan of 70’s 80’s punk pop (with less of the pop), this is 100% for you. Partick 
Stump, (guitarist/ and vocals) has such a versatile sound, his voice can pretty much do anything from jazz, r&b to punk rock, this album shows something completely different for him, ‘Eternal Summer‘ (track 5) especially shows off his multi-talented range with its aggressiveness. Seconds in, you know Stump is for sure out of his comfort zone, but pulls it off perfectly. Think Scott Pilgrim VS the world, the sound of ‘sex bob-omb’, in comparison with PAX AM Days they are both very similar.

Pete Wentz (bassist) and Joe Trohman (guitarist) before the formation of the band both played in a local hardcore band, Arma Angelus together in their home town of Chicago, Illinois. The EP seems to be a project of great importance to the two band members, something of a nostalgia trip for the two, producing something they love that they haven’t until now been able to share with their fans, new and old.

Overall I would give the album a thumbs up, its distinct quick blasts of rough 2 minute songs have won me over and impressed me with their rare uniqueness you don’t hear enough of today.

Written by: Hannah Wallace


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