EP Review: States and Empires – Giants

7880_438986299548943_1004299334_nHere at The New Transmission we were all a bit gutted when we heard about the Attack! Attack! (UK) break up. They were a band that at lot of the team had seen live at some point in their touring history, so we were all pretty excited when we heard that one half of the Welsh quartet were back with a brilliant new project.

Vocalist Neil Starr and bassist Will Davies have now been joined by drummer Johno Fisher to form States and Empires. We were anxious to get our hands on a copy of their brand new four track EP Giants’ which was mixed by the awesome Stuart Richardson and when it arrived we were not disappointed. Now firstly we don’t normally initially comment on the artwork but we were totally blown away with the beautifully painted masterpiece by Richard J Oliver that graced the cover on this EP it has a massive impact when you first pick up the CD.

The first track ‘Revolution’ is a brilliant high paced rock anthem in which it becomes clear pretty quickly that this is not just a progression from Attack! Attack! to another band, this really is something completely new and fresh. Neil Starr’s vocals are the best we have ever heard them and seem to have gained so much power and passion than we have previously ever heard. It’s pretty obvious that Starr has developed in ways we hadn’t expected on this EP. ‘Sunset on our Love’ is definitely the high point, with its catchy sing a long chorus no doubt this will become a track the band become renowned for. The consistent deliverance of brilliant tracks on this record is quite frankly ridiculous; every track is as catchy as the last and completely fills that Attack! Attack! shaped hole we were suffering from. The last song ‘Paralysed’ is a mosh pit pleaser which simply sent us a bit mental and made us want to spend the night rocking out with an air guitar in front of a mirror. Take our advice, you have to check this band out, we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

States and Empires EP ‘Giants’ is out now and is available from iTunes and the band’s website.

Written by: Pat Gleeson


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