Album Review: Save Your Breath – There Used To Be A Place For Us


Now under the management of Mike Lewis (formerly Lostprophets), Save Your Breath are back with follow up to 2011 debut album Vices. This new album, There Used To Be A Place For Us’, launched on 7th October has been produced by the up and coming welsh producer, Gethin Pearson and mixed by Stu Richardson (also formerly Lostprophets).

Whilst keeping to the bands pop-punk reputation, this album shows a stronger and bolder sound with more rock-based influences. This is dictated by the energetic drumming of Owen Bei from the outset. The record opens up with Lessons’ with the gravelly tones of Kristian Richards offset against uncompromising guitar riffs from Tom Owens, Ben Griffiths and Dave Harries. This excellent introduction succeeds in setting the tone for the rest of the album.

The second track ‘Whole’ returns to pure pop punk, reminiscent of New Found Glory followed by ‘Maps’ which immediately starts your head nodding and leaves a smile on your face.

‘Abandon’ mixes heavy punk with softer rock undertones whilst ‘Skin And Bones’ sees a sedate introduction with just the drums that builds gradually with guitar and vocals towards a powerful chorus.

‘Skin & Bones’ will have you singing along; with a welcome slowed down tempo gentle guitar and barely there drums that serve to showcase the vocals of Kristian.

The closing track ‘There Used To Be A Place For Us’ although providing a good ending  but is missing a hook and fails to captivate which contrast to the rest of this great album.

Whilst the Pop Punk lead has definitely been taken by bands from the US in recent years, this album ranks up there amongst the better releases of this year. On occasion reminiscent of their welsh counterparts, The Blackout, and Rise Against, Save your Breath display a maturity, managing to blend vocals, very real lyrics and instrumentals together, whilst retaining their upbeat solid pop-punk sound to produce an album infused with passion and determination. Lets hope that this superbly produced release finally sees them achieve the recognition that they so well deserve!

The brand new album by ‘Save Your Breath’ is out now via Animal Style Records

Written by: Lindsy Stott


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