Album Review: A Skylit Drive – RISE


California rockers A Skylit Drive are finally back with their highly anticipated brand new album RISE. Released through Tragic Hero Records and led by frontman Michael ‘Jag’ Jagmin this is definitely a career defining album which represents a huge talent at its peak.

In a step back to a sound more reminiscent to the bands earlier works such as 2009’s ‘Adelphia’ the album opener ‘Save me Tragedy’ is an absolutely pounding track which sets the standard for the whole album. There’s a lot more power in the vocals of Jag as well as backing vocalist Brian White which really enhances each track in comparison to previous outings. On top of this the production quality of the album is a massive step forward in terms of past efforts, the album sounds utterly  huge. The record also depicts a massive coming of age for the band, their maturity and competency as musicians has developed on an unprecedented scale, every track is killer with not one single fill track in-between.

A high point of the album is ‘Said and Done’. It opens with a fantastic synth section leading into thrashing guitars and some of the catchiest and danceable lyrics. The chorus is incredible and will have fans singing at every single show. The track is to put it simply is anthemic, and is everything you could want from a massive rock track. The band always reduce the tone with a ghostly and haunting ballad on their albums and on this album it comes in the form of ‘Just Stay’. The track makes the album the hit that it is and without it there would definitely have been something missing from the mix that would have let it down.

The album is a great listen and will be a favourite of many fans new and old. We at The New Transmission currently have the repeat button taped down. Our verdict is this, listen to ‘Rise’ if you ever contemplated what it would feel like for an album to make love to your ears!

A Skylit Drives new album RISE is out now on Tragic Hero Records.

Written by: Pat Gleeson


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