Album Review: Scar the Martyr (Self Titled)

Here at The New Transmission we are always excited when one of the biggest legends in rock steps up with something brand new and totally contrasting to what we are used to hearing from them. Recently Joey Jordison of Slipknot fame took a step into the spotlight with something utterly fresh and poles apart to what we normally get from this masked (or unmasked in this case) icon! Scar the Martyr was a vision of Jordison’s that he conceived upon a hiatus from writing material with Slipknot. Fronted by Henry Derek on vocals the band throws together a huge array of musicians from some of the world’s greatest metal bands including Nine Inch Nails, Darkest Hour and Strapping Young Lad.

The scariest thing about this album is the intro, despite been totally terrified from some of the macabre overtures we are exposed to. You feel unable to restrain yourself from envisioning some of the horrors that your mind predictably puts hand in hand with some of the blood curdling squeals we are exposed to in the opening minutes. Despite the intro the album then develops into what we can only describe as a solid and classic rock album.

There are some crazy synth sections in an array of the tracks along with some massive guitar solos and riffage throughout.  ‘Dark Ages’ is a personal favourite along with ‘Soul Disintegration’. Two tracks you could only describe as either massive or epic, envisage tracks that could fill stadiums and then some more.  The album truly takes us back to the kind of stuff that was around at the dawn of the nu-metal movement that didn’t hold back and didn’t take any bullshit. It is what it is, good heavy head banging metal for those that want to get in the pit and get sweaty! To put it plain and simple this album is ‘Badass’.

The début self titled album by Scar the Martyr is out now on Roadrunner Records.

Written by: Pat Gleeson


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