Album Review: Alter Bridge – Fortress

ALTERFORWEBSITE2014 will see Alter Bridge celebrate 10 years together with a line up that has remained unchanged – lead vocalist and guitarist Myles Kennedy, lead guitarist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott Phillips, and the release of their fourth album, ‘Fortress’, will not disappoint. Following  a three-year gap since their last studio album AB III was recorded. ‘Fortress’ brings an altogether bigger, bolder, heavier and more refined sound.

The album is loaded with intense guitar riffs from Mark Tremonti, displayed from the outset with the first track ‘Cry of Achilles’ – a lengthy acoustic intro reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. Tremonti’s deft finger-work combines impeccably with outstanding bass guitar and exceptional drum rhythms.

The opening track, Cry of Achilles’, is an incredible first song with an complex acoustic intro that wouldn’t feel out-of-place on a Led Zeppelin album; this is followed by the first single from the album ‘Addicted to Pain’, a simpler but faster paced, catchy track with an anthemic chorus.

‘Fortress’ undoubtedly demonstrates why Myles Kennedy is hailed as one of the greatest, most versatile and soulful singers of his generation, and whilst his impressive vocal range is clearly exhibited on virtually every track of this album, the vocals in ‘Calm The Fire’ are just exceptional.

That aside, Fortress also sees Mark Tremonti taking the lead vocals for the first time with Alter Bridge in ‘Waters Rising’ – another stand out track!

Alter Bridge are quickly earning their way to the top and are being hailed as one of the world’s best hard rock bands as will be evidenced on their forthcoming European arena tour. Alter Bridge have succeeded in evolving whilst staying true to their roots and ‘Fortress’, whilst adding to their remarkable repertoire, will undoubtedly elevated them to a whole new and deserved level.

Written by: Lindsy Stott


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