Live Review: Kids in Glass Houses – Concorde2 – 1st October 2013

There are few bands around at the moment that deliver a performance with such enthusiasm and energy as Kids in Glass Houses. From the opening song ‘ArtbreakerI’ through to the last ‘Matters at All’ there was no let-up in the unadulterated passion of their delivery.

Lead singer Aled Phillips provided a charismatic performance, delivering powerful vocals throughout, supported by lively vocal participation from a spirited crowd and solid underlying drum and percussion tempos from Philip Jenkins .KIGH - 1-10-2013 - Concorde2-162

Talented guitar playing from Joel Fisher, lead Andrew Sheeny, bass, and Iain Mahanty on rhythm highlighted that this group from South Wales have come a long way since they were nominated for Best British Newcomer at the Kerrang! Awards in August 2007.KIGH - 1-10-2013 - Concorde2-46

The range of songs from all four of the band’s albums – ‘Smart Casual’, ‘Dirt’, ‘In Gold Blood’ and ‘Peace’, released only this week confirmed that Kids In Glass Houses are undoubtedly one of British rock’s finest talents with a live reputation envied by many. Their new album release – a modern guitar album with a contemporary edge will appeal to longstanding fans as well as drawing in new KIGH fans.KIGH - 1-10-2013 - Concorde2-160Kids in Glass Houses delivered a loud, exciting set with professional fervour whilst still managing to engage with their ardent fans – assisted by Aled’s lively scaling of monitors and speakers and ambitious swan dive into the midst of the crowd.

If there was one criticism, it is that the venues are too small; whilst this Autumn sees Kids in Glass Houses first headline tour of the UK and Europe, this level of talent should, without question be filling bigger venues and halls. However, the intimacy of these smaller locations allowed the fans the opportunity meet and chat with Aled, Philip, Iain, Joel and Shay after the show – a nice touch so easily forgotten  by so many bands when they reach this stage in their career!KIGH - 1-10-2013 - Concorde2-26

Kids in Glass Houses have come a long way but this is only the beginning – with their continued hard work, dedication and enormous talent they deserve all the acclaim that will undoubtedly follow!KIGH - 1-10-2013 - Concorde2-5

Written by: Lindsy Stott

Photographs by: Samantha Stott


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