Interview: Black Dogs

black dogs

We sat down for a quick chat with Gollo, vocalist from Black Dogs at their tour warm up show  and had a chat about their upcoming tour with Heights, their upcoming album and being booked for Warped Tour UK.

For anybody who doesn’t know Black Dogs yet, tell us who you are and what you’re about!

Gollo: We’re a bastard groove band. We’re about big riffs and big bastard grooves!

How has your year been so far?

Gollo: It’s been good so far, we’ve been out with Stray from the path and we’ve also been out with Hatebreed on their UK tour. We played Download and that was ace! A Maida Vail session which was cool! We’ve done quite a lot really. Heights tour is coming up and Warped Tour.

Tell us about your debut album Grief?

Gollo: Well we didn’t go into a studio to record it; we recorded the stems ourselves at my house. Then we sent it to Neil Kennedy at The Ranch. Obviously like any record it’s been a lot of hard work, we’re just excited to get it out there really now. It’s good to be able to just enjoy gigging and writing and stuff like that again now because no one really likes the recording side of it. It’s Chalky that does it all and it does his head in. It’s quite nice to just relax and enjoy being a band again. The album will be out November 5th on Destroy Everything!

After tonight’s warm up show your heading out on tour with Heights and The Catharsis, how are you feeling?

Gollo: Yeah really good, obviously I’m a Heights fan. We all are, there an absolutely cracking band. To anyone that hasn’t heard their album check it out because it’s fucking sick, I think so anyway. Yeah really looking forward to it though, we’ve played with them before but obviously it’s a bit different when you’re touring with a band. We’re all looking forward to getting to know them a bit more and have some hang times.

How did you feel when you got booked for the UK Warped Tour?

Gollo: Again it was the same thing with Download really, we’ve been a band for two years but no one really wanted to take any notice of us for ages. So it’s just mind blowing really, everything we have done this year has been completely alien to us. One minute we’re not doing anything and the next is one thing after the other and it’s a fucking ace position to be in. We just want to keep grafting and see what happens next.

Black Dogs are a very high energy live band, accidents happen, what’s the worst injury you have ever sustained during a show?

Gollo: I think Canty broke his thumb once; we didn’t go to hospital or anything. But that was on the Hatebreed tour. It swelled up like a bastard and turned purple. We didn’t do anything about it, we just cracked on. I’ve cut my hands open loads of times. We’ve all had some pretty bad dings. Headstocks flying about and stuff like that. Chalky reckons he fractured his ankle but again we just crack on.

What can people expect when they see Black Dogs live?

Gollo: Injuries. We are a live band and that is what we pride ourselves on. We always push that we are a band to come and see live. If you put on a good show even if someone likes the record it’s always a treat to come and see. You don’t get anything different or special by putting an album on in your bedroom and listening to it. I like to think we’re one of those bands that goes the extra mile.

What pisses you off most about being on tour?

Gollo: That’s a good question but to be honest not a lot really. When it happens it’s got to be sleeping in the van. Because we haven’t got a sleeper van it’s an old post van. We’ve only kipped in there a couple of times but it’s been fucking horrible. Other than that though not a lot really.

Have you guys got anything big planned for 2014?

Gollo: Stuff has been mentioned but not confirmed so I can’t really say. If they do pan out the way it’s looking like they might then we have some pretty fucking exciting stuff coming up in the next year but that’s all I can say about it for now.

Black Dogs debut album ‘Grief’ is released November 5th 2013 on Destroy Everything. You can check out the guys on tour with Heights until October 10th and playing the Kevin Says Stage at Warped Tour London on the Sunday.

Words: Pat Gleeson


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