Album Review: Tonight Alive – The Other Side


Tonight Alive have been causing a storm since they released their debut album in 2011. Since then they have toured nonstop around the world and now have a brand new offering for us ‘The Other Side’. When they first came to the scene they were labeled as ‘just another female fronted band’ and the ‘Australian Paramore’ however they have shown they are far from that and are able to hold their own in the tough world of Pop Punk. With clear influences from the likes of Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy, The new album certainly doesn’t disappoint!

This album focuses on more angsty rock than the youthful pop with ‘What are you so scared of?’ showing just how much the quintet have grown over the last two years.

Each track on ‘The Other Side’ documents an important time in the bands life. Track one for example “The Ocean’ written by singer Jenna McDougall is about trying to deal with Eczema whilst being on the road and how it affected her emotionally as well as physically. This album seems far more personal than the last, however they appear to have made the group, Jenna in particular, far more confidence in their abilities both as a band and as songwriters.

They chose ‘Lonely Girl’ to be the second single off of the album which is the perfect transition between the two albums, Jenna’s expansive range does not fail to disappoint; the tone in her voice complements the words perfectly as does the track’s balance between pop and rock.

The standout track is definitely ‘The Fire’ with its far rockier feel, proving they aren’t just another pop punk band with catchy songs but they know how to amp things up when they need to.

The album closes with ‘You Don’t Owe Me Anything’ the only ballad-like track they offer, it is completely different to the heavier opening tracks on the album but it is just as enjoyable and makes for a pleasant contrast to the rest of the album.

‘The Other Side’ is sure to cement the bands place as one of the leading Pop Punk bands on the scene at the moment and that they aren’t going anywhere but up. We expect to see a lot more of this band in the coming months and years.

Written by: Samantha Stott



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