Marmozets, The Colour Line, RUN – Hull Adelphi – 17th September 2013

Words and Photos: Pat Gleeson


In recent years Hull hasn’t been one of those destinations high on the agenda when it comes to well known bands and artists booking a tour. It’s a sad but true fact for many cities tucked away in the North. However, every now and then there’s a surprise for many avid music followers. On this rare occasion that bolt from the blue came in the form of a visit from math rock titans Marmozets, to the city’s most famous venue The Adelphi, on the opening night of their first UK headline tour.

The first band onstage tonight are RUN. A local band with a dark post punk sound, they have a lot of energy for such a young group and despite their gloomy, almost gothic inspired image, their tracks remain upbeat and catchy. They have a sound you can only liken to Placebo meets Pearl Jam and plus the look to match. The whole thing seems quite a casual affair for the band, playing to their local fans in what you can only assume is a familiar environment. Despite the band’s massive efforts, you can’t help but feel that they were misplaced on tonight’s line up. Opening for two bands of an entirely different genre can’t be straightforward, especially when those acts are surrounded by so much hype. However, they don’t let this deter them and make a huge effort for the crowd. Vocalist William Crompton has an aura of a young Brian Molko (Placebo) about him and the energy of bassist Lydia Palmeira is comparable only to that of grunge icon Melissa Auf der Maur (Hole). RUN are a fantastic band and it’s just a shame we didn’t get to see their abilities showcased with a more fitting line up. There’s something quite eclectic about their sound that we haven’t heard in a long time.


Recently signed to Destroy Everything, Hull’s finest Tech/Mathcore outfit The Colour Line are the main support act for tonight. This hugely tipped band has gained a lot of notoriety in the past year for their insane stage shows and relentless touring schedules. A massive following has turned out for the band. They take to the stage in what can only be described as a frenzy of flailing guitars, and front man Sam Rudderforth launches himself straight from the stage into the crowd. At one point he takes a chair from a nearby table and smashes it to the ground as he roars into the mic, almost taking out more than one person in the process. The area soon descends into chaos when Rudderforth drags a table into the centre of the room and stands aloft whilst demanding a circle pit. This is followed by guitarist Sam Arundell also taking to the nearest high point to give a few of the more reserved spectators a little more than they bargained for. The Colour Line’s live show is an unforgettable experience; this is a band who are going to be colossal. And with tracks as in your face as ‘Mariachi Firing Squad’ and ‘Heights of Abraham’, it’s simple to see why they are constantly acclaimed as being the next big thing.


We were astonished to learn that tonight’s headliners Marmozets hadn’t actually had a headline tour yet at this substantial point in their careers. It seems crazy to think that a band so well known has only played a string of support slots and festivals over the past few years. We can only assume that this speaks volumes about tonight’s choice of such a petite venue. It’s almost as if the band are testing the waters to see what kind of reception they will get. Needless to say if this is the case they will not be dissatisfied. Many have turned out tonight in hordes to see what Marmozets have in store for them. The quintet roars onto the stage to administer a massive and powerful dose of math rock prowess. They rip through a set of classic fan favourites such as ‘Born Young and Free’ and ‘Good Days’ as well as playing some new tracks for the first time. One of those new songs came in the form of ‘Hit the Wave’, a massive track we hope we will be lucky enough to hear again when the band return with a new album. The night closes with the bands penultimate track ‘Vexed’. The venue breaks down into complete and utter anarchy. Vocalist Becca Macintyre ascends one of the amp stacks on the side of the stage in a frenzy of high pitched wails and screams. Before Becca collapses back to the ground, drummer Josh Macintyre quickly moves his kit into the middle of the audience. The last notes of the song come to an end and Josh begins to kick and throw his kit around the room with the assistance of guitarist Jack Bottomley. If it wasn’t for the fact that the band’s whole set up was spread across the entire venue, tonight’s crowd would definitely have been demanding an encore. Marmozets sound massive and we believe, without a doubt, that this is a band who are only going to get bigger. All in all the hype is now on for that follow up to the band’s EP Vexed. It’s safe to say we cannot wait to see what they have in store for us in the not too distant future.


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