Interview: Marmozets

There aren’t a lot of bands in the UK right now who have the hype behind them that math-rock quintet Marmozets do, especially before even playing their own headline tour. We got together with Becca and Jack in the mens toilets (yes, really!) at the Adelphi in Hull, on the first night of their UK stint for a quick chat about the past year and what’s coming up in the near future.

Welcome to the Adelphi mens toilets Marmozets!

Becca: Can I just say I did ask for the ladies toilets but straight away Jack said no.

You’re about to embark on a 9 date headline tour having spent the year supporting some huge bands as well as playing a bunch of festivals. How does playing smaller venues such as The Adelphi compare?

Becca: It’s the best; this is how we like it! You never know how many people are going to show up because of the venues we are playing, people tell their friends and they can just turn up and pay on the door. That’s what I like about it, you just don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s been amazing playing with bands such as Funeral for a Friend and Senses Fail but it’s always been at bigger venues. I’m kind of glad that in our first headline tour we aren’t playing those types of venues.

Jack: This is how everyone gets started and it’s great to come back to things like this. It’s really intimate.

Becca: God knows what’s going to happen. Its day one and I’ve already had a snare slam into the back of my head.

Jack:  She cut her head within ten minutes of driving; she was sat in the back. The snare fell, hit her, blood everywhere!

Do you have any special surprises planned for the tour?

Jack: New Songs! A large majority of the set is new songs. Normally it’s frowned upon…

Becca: Obviously, the stuff people have been buying is the tracks we’ve been playing over and over. It’s been a long time since we’ve released anything so we want to write and get new stuff out. And we have some awesome people supporting us tonight.

(The Colour Line are sound checking in the background).

Jack: They sound like Dillinger and The Chariot crossed. Its insane!

What has been your highlight of the year so far?

Jack: We did a show in New York! That was ridiculous. It was really surreal. The time zones were really weird so me and Will shared a room and just got up and wandered around.

Becca: We’re a band that hasn’t even played in Europe and we managed to play in New York which is insane. We were staying right in Times Square. It’s probably one of our biggest highlights. We also did Maida Vale again and we did the punk rock show which is going to be played very soon!

What is the weirdest or craziest thing to have happened to you on tour?

Becca: We’re kind of weird people and we are a bit mental so it’s a bit like what is weird really? We just love what we are doing.

Jack: Weird is probably just normal for us. We’re doing what we have always wanted to do which in itself is quite weird.

You have a lot of different bands supporting you on this tour. Did you get to pick the bands that support you and how do you decide?

Jack:  We wanted a couple of bands to do this tour for the full duration, we wanted a band called Baby Godzilla who are awesome; they are mental. But basically we didn’t know how well we would do as a band; because we’ve never done a headline tour before so we left it to the promoter to pick the bands they felt would also bring people in. Luckily The Colour Line are supporting us tonight and they’re doing another date with us as well. They are awesome.

Becca: We started off in that position. We were supporting these kind of bands at these kind of places so I think it would be kind of unfair if we were like we want this band on tour. This is our first ever tour, we don’t know how many people are going to turn up, its only right to get support from the bands that live locally!

What inspired you guys to first get together and start making music?

Becca: Basically we are two sets of siblings; both our sets of parents are musical and have been influential on us as a band. We started in school together. Jack and Sam were friends, Josh was a drummer and I was in the choir and I could sing. We ended up doing this competition because we had houses like Hogwarts but it wasn’t a posh school, it was a scratty school. But we started in school and just stayed together.

Who are you current favourite bands?

Becca: To be honest, I’ve known about Arctic Monkeys for a long time and I’ve never been that bothered, but when we did our Maida Vale session they were recording their whole album live for Radio One. We had the privilege to go watch them and I just thought why have I never seen this band live before. I think they are really cool but I still love bands like The Chariot.

Jack: Usually bands that have split up. Blakfish, Chariot, The Dead Weather, Refused, Underoath. We love every good band that has split up ever.

Tell us why people should come and see Marmozets live show?

Jack: Well it depends, if you want to get your head smashed in with a guitar or a drum kit come along.

Becca: If you could see Jack now you would be amazed, it would pretty much tell you why you should come to one of our shows; this kid’s hair is ridiculous. If you know Mars Volta just think that.

(Sam enters the room and the band begin to discuss The Colour Line who are still sound checking)

Sam: Is it the Colour Line? They are fucking awesome! Crazy! Mental!

What can we expect from Marmozets in the future?

Jack: Big tunes, Slammin’ bitches. No way! I sounded like I was from Geordie Shore right there. But seriously, videos, album and take over the world.

Becca: That’s our initial plan!

Sam: I’m blown away by The Colour Line right now. You know when you hear something for the first time and you actually laugh because it’s that good. It’s like that. I wish we had them on the full tour! There is nothing else going on like that in the UK. The tech these guys have got is ridiculous!

You can check out Marmozets on their headline UK tour until the end of September. You can see The Colour Line supporting the band at their Sheffield show on September 23rd, along with a string of UK dates until the end of the year.

Words and Photo: Pat Gleeson


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