Canterbury – London Barfly – 19th July 2012

By Kiera Sherlock

It’s cramped, hot and sweaty, and the first band hasn’t even taken to the stage yet – the Barfly is set for a sweltering night of dancing and jumping! ‘Yearbook’ appear and warm up the crowd with their heavy and melodic set, not leaving time for applause as they dive into each song straight after the last has finished. ‘Me’ enter shortly after, with a more indie vibe – it’s different but fun, and gets the crowd even more hyped for the next act.

‘Canterbury’ take to their stage in front an excited crowd, and start to play their album release show with full force. The newest songs from album Heavy In The Day are welcomed with open arms, and older songs are equally screamed along to, with people dancing and making the floor shake (literally!) Faster songs like ‘More Than Know’, ‘Drive Ride Drive’ and ‘Friends? We’re more like a gang’ make the heat rise to an almost unbearable level, but no-body cares.

Everyone sings along to the newer singles like ‘Saviour’ and ‘Ready Yet?’ and from the smiles on the bands faces, it’s clear that they are having just as much fun as everyone else. Canterbury are absolutely killing Camden and proving that they are a band to watch out for!


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