Lostprophets – Brixton Academy – 4th May 2012

by Lindsy Stott

The Lostprophets proved without a doubt that they still have what it takes to fill a major venue and get everyone up singing along to songs old and new.

The six members of the band, all adorned in matching jackets and t-shirts performed an energetic 2 hour set that was both musically and visually strong – if a little heavy on the dry ice.

The musical formula was a winner; older numbers from ‘Start Something’ (2004) including Last Summer, to hits from the No1 2007 album ‘Liberation Transmission’ – Rooftops, A Town Called Hypocrisy and 4:AM Forever blended seamlessly through to songs from this year’s album release ‘Weapons’. The anthemic ‘We Bring An Arsenal’ proved that the band still deserve to be recognised as one of Britain’s best, and lead singer Ian Watkins strutted the stage with a voice as powerful as ever and supported by 5 strong and talented musicians the show was not only slick but high octane.

The energy continued from the moment the band took to the stage amidst sirens and lasers through to the encore which included the celebratory Everyday Combat, and which left the audience in no doubt at all that this enduring group from Pontypridd still have the ability and aptitude to pull off one hell of a performance.


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